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B.A.M Festival

Fusion Concept World Tour USA Qualifier 

Presented by
The Hitterz Collective LLC & Fusion Concept Festival 

Fusion Concept USA Qualifier in Madison, WI provides a proving ground in a competitive dance setting to spur artistic growth and community belonging. It increases accessibility to local youth dancers and all who are curious and ambitious about making dance a part of their artistic and personal identity, and as a viable professional career path. It makes real and relevant Hip-Hop’s guiding principles and community-driven ethos of peace, love, unity, and having fun.

This event will mark the largest street styles dance event in Dane County in over a decade since the annual Breakin’ The Law competition hosted at UW-Madison. Since 2010, Dane County has not hosted a premier Hip-Hop dance event with national and international stakes like this one. Further, representation matters: This event is thoughtfully created to invest in the development of BIPOC youth who will be able to physically engage in culturally relevant performance art of street style dance and Hip-Hop arts (dance, emceeing, DJing, graffiti arts, and knowledge). Such features of Hip-Hop culture are rooted in BIPOC experiences and identities which are needed in Dane County as culturally-relevant artistic and innovative methods for creative expression, personal development, and community belonging in a county that suffers mightily from inequitable outcomes for BIPOC residents (and for BIPOC youth in particular).

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